Aufkl.Gr.(F)122 Unit Emblems

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Unit Emblems[1]

Stab/AuFkI.Gr 122: The arms of the city of Goslar, a black spread eagle on a yellow shield. 1939-c1943. Seen on Do 17 and He111 aircraft.

Stab 122.jpg StabF122 emblem.jpg Stab122 Do17 emblem.jpg

1.(F)/Aufkl.Gr 122: A flying stork in front of a red device representing the field of view of a camera lens. Seen on Ju88s.

1F122 emblem.jpg

2.(F)/Aufkl.Gr 122: A boy scout riding on a bomb, all on a shield bearing the motto "Holzauge bei wach'. This is translated as "Wooden eye on watch"; 'woodeneye' being an equivalent colloquialism for keeping one's eyes peeled. Seen on an Me 410 in 1942. The colours in the example below follow roughly those in Ketly and Rolfe. However, in photos of this image the main background colour on th eshield appears to be lighter.

Emblem 2 122 small02.jpg 2 122 Emblem.jpg 2 122 2000th Fiendflug small.jpg 2F122 Ju88 emblem.jpg 2 122 Emblem a.jpg JU 88 2 122.jpg

309e 1.JPG

3.(F)/Aufkl.Gr 122: A female head wearing a toadstool and holding a telescope and a bomb. Seen on Ju88s.

3F122 emblem.jpg 3F122 emblema.jpg Emblems 3 122.jpg

4.(F)/AufkI.Gr 122: A golden eagle flying over cliffs and the sea.

4 F 122.jpg

5.(F)/Aufld.Gr 122: A red runic wheel made from five linked letter F's.

6.(F)/Aufld.Gr 122: A brown owl with yellow eyes. Inherited from Wekusta 26 from which it was formed in June 1944. Sometimes on a shield other times not.

Emblem 01 cut.jpg Emblems 6 122.jpg Emblem cut.jpg Ries p54.jpg


Aufkl.Gr.(F)122 Establishment


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