Aufkl.Gr.122 Formation - 4 Staffel

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FPN 28420

Formed May - September 1939 at Varel/Lower Saxony (new) with Dornier Do 17Ps.

The exact date of formation is unclear.

According to Tessin, formation may have been ordered on 1 May 1939 but did not actually occur until mid-summer.

Other sources give a September 1939 formation date.

However, the surviving evidence indicates that the Staffel was not yet operational on 1 September, but was so by the latter part of the month.[1]

Disbanded May 1945


Aufkl.Gr.122 Formation - Stab

Aufkl.Gr.122 Formation - 1 Staffel

Aufkl.Gr.122 Formation - 2 Staffel

Aufkl.Gr.122 Formation - 3 Staffel

Aufkl.Gr.122 Formation - 5 Staffel

Aufkl.Gr.122 Formation - 6 Staffel

Aufkl.Gr.122 Formation - Erg.Staffel

Aufkl.Gr.(F)122 Establishment


  1. Tessin:421; Ries:72-88; Defieux; PRO/London: ADI(K) P/W interrogation summaries. A dissenting source (M.Holm website) states that the Staffel was formed at Goslar and remained there until May 1940, but the evidence suggests otherwise.