Aufkl.Gr.122 Formation - Erg.Staffel

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Formed April 1941 as a provisional replacement Staffel for Aufklärungsgruppe 122, with formation probably occuring at Brussels-Melsbroeck in Belgium.

Its initial aircraft allowance consisted of 5 x Ju 88 and 1 x Bf 110.

No Feldpost number was assigned, so the Staffel was not intended to remain in existence for more than a few months.

It is believed to have been set up mainly to train extra crews for the forthcoming invasion of the Soviet Union.

On 14 January 1942 the Staffel was downgraded and reorganized as an Ausbildungskommando, then ordered disbanded around March 1942, although this process was not officially ended until 5 May 1942.[1]


Aufkl.Gr.122 Formation - Stab

Aufkl.Gr.122 Formation - 1 Staffel

Aufkl.Gr.122 Formation - 2 Staffel

Aufkl.Gr.122 Formation - 3 Staffel

Aufkl.Gr.122 Formation - 4 Staffel

Aufkl.Gr.122 Formation - 5 Staffel

Aufkl.Gr.122 Formation - 6 Staffel

Aufkl.Gr.(F)122 Establishment


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