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3 Apr 1941 – 4(F)./122 sent out sorties to the east coast of England, one such sortie was attacked off Cromer by aircraft of 222 Sqdn RAF.[1]

10 Apr 1941 – The morning reconnaissance sortie to Newcastle was despatched by 3(F)./122 but failed to return.

Date Unit Aircraft Type Code Wkr.No. Notes
10 Apr 1941 3(F)./122 Ju 88A-5 F6+NL 0529 Shot down by Spitfires of 72 Sqdn, crashed at Alnmouth, Northumberland at 19.40. Lt Rolf Brösse (F), Uffz. Ernst Helmer (B), Fw Karl Düx (Bf) and Fw. Otto Gröbke (Bm) killed. [2]

14 Apr 1941- Ju 88D-2 of 1(F)./122 struck the ground at Lille-Vendeville and was destoyed, the four crew escaped with injuries.[3]

14-15 Apr 1941 – An aircraft of 1(F)./122 took part in an attack on South Shields together with one from I./KG4.

17 Apr 1941 – Ju 88 F6+KN of 5(F)./122 flew the eveningChannel reconnaissance sortie. This covered the area between Portland and Hastings. The aircraft departed Haute Fontaine at 19.15 hrs landing at Paluel at 21.05 hrs.[4]

18 Apr 1941 - Ju 88 F6+KN of 5(F)./122 departed Paluel at 06.44 hrs to fly the early morning Channel reconnaissance sortie. This aircraft landed at Haute Fontaine at 09.17 hrs having encountered a fighter near Selsey Bill.[5]

19 Apr 1941 – 1(F)./122 sent one aircraft on a general reconnaissance over the U.K.

22 Apr 1941 – Aircraft of 1(F)./122 attacked shipping south of Aldeburgh off the East Anglian coast. One attack was made at 18.20 hrs on a commercial steamer of 4,000t dropping 10 SD 50 bombs. The aircrew reported one hit amidships while the other bombs landed in front and behind the ship. There were explosions and parts of the ship “flew through the air”.[6]

Another attack took place at approx 18.55 hrs, the aircraft dropping 2 SC 250s. There may have been two passes - the aircrew claimed two hits amidships and that the 3,000t ship sank.[7]

Ju 88 F6+KN flew the early evening Channel reconnaissance sortie, departing Haute Fontaine at 17.55 hrs, covering the area between Plymouth and Hastings, landing at Paluel at 20.40 hrs.[8]

27 Apr 1941 – An aircraft of 1(F)./122 attacked a ship, identified as being approx 5,000 t, to the east of Great Yarmouth. The attack took place at 21.30 hrs and the aircraft dropped 2 SC 250 and 10 SD 50 bombs. The crew reported that hits were obtained on the side of the ship causing damage.[9]

Date Unit Aircraft Type Code Wkr.No. Notes
27-28 Apr 1941 1(F)./122 Ju 88D-2 F6+AI 0813 Lost to unknown circumstances, crew MIA.[10]
27-28 Apr 1941 4(F)./122 Ju 88A-1 F6+AM 0294 Shot down into the Solent by a Beaufighter of 219 Sqdn - - P/O(?) Dudley Ormston Hobbis 219 Sqn, flying a Beaufighter If, claimed an u/i a/c on this date. [11]Lt.H.Berger, Fw G. Klier (F), Fw A. Reicherzer and Gefr. W. Paulke all killed.

28 Apr 1941 – At 22.02 hrs a commercial steamer, of approx 4,000 t, was attacked by an aircraft of 1(F)./122. 2 SC 250 bombs were expended in this attack which took place southeast of Lowestoft. 2 hits amidships were observed accompanied by clouds of smoke, heavy damage was assumed.[12]


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