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Apr 1945 - The Luftwaffe Order of Battle recorded the following:-

Aufklärungsgruppe 122 under the control of Luftflotte General Italien with Ju 188 aircraft – 14 on strength of which 12 were servicable.

1(F)./122 under the control of Luftflotte 6 with a mixed stock of Me 410 aircraft (and one Ju 88) – 13 on strength of which 10 were servicable.

5(F)./122 also under the control of Luftflotte 6 with a mixed stock of Me 410/Ju 188/Ju 88 aircraft – 20 on strength of which 16 were servicable.

1(F)./122 is not identified in numerous surviving Luftwaffe documents after 9 April 1945, on which date it was reported as still operational in a strength of 9(8) Me 410s and probably still to be found at Neubrandenburg. It is likely that it was disbanded a week or two later due to the worsening fuel situation.[1]

1 Apr 1945 – Two aircraft of 2(F)./122 departed Ghedi for München-Reim. They were flown by Von der Daele and Blaschek at 06.08 in Me 410 coded F6+DK and the crew of Bayer and Lensing at 06.23 in Me 410 F6+BK.[2]

2 Apr 1945 – 3(F)./122 was ordered to transfer from Quakenbrück to Wittmundhafen with operations to continue under FAGr.1.[3]

4 Apr 1945 - 2(F)./122 finally disbanded on this date at Ghedi II.[4]

5 Apr 1945 - Galle and Müller of 2(F)./122 took of at 06.44 in F6+EK quickly followed by Klinke and Meisch of the same unit at 06.45 in F6+VK to fly to München-Reim.[2]

9 Apr 1945 – 5(F)./122 reported 14(8) Me 410s and Ju 188s on strength.[5]

11 Apr 1945 - 1.(F)/122 was transferred to Prague and for a short time used the airfields at Rusin (Ruzyně) and Gbell (Kbely). Sometime later in April the unit flew its aircraft to Hohenmauth (Vysoké Mýto) airfield in Eastern Bohemia. Operations were conducted from this airfield but exact details are unavailable. The staffel käpitan at that time was Hptm. Friedrich Dünkel.[6]

18 Apr 45: 3(F)./122 now located at Kaltenkirchen/30 km N of Hamburg. This was the last time the Staffel was identified in documents and, since it was already under orders to disband, it probably dissolved a few days later.[7]

22 Apr 1945 – 4(F)./122 at Bergamo-South with a strength of 5 Ju 188D-2s and 1 Ju 88T-3.[8]

6(F)./122 reported 6 Ju 188D-2s on strength.[9]

24 Apr 1945 - 4(F)./122 departed Bergamo for Bolzano and Innsbruck.[10]

6.(F)/122 also departed Bergamo for Bolzano (Bozen) and Innsbruck where it was dissolved over the following two weeks.[11]

28 Apr 1945 - 5(F)./122 still operational under FAGr.2/Luftwaffenkdo. Nordost in North Germany, although no location given. No order to disband has been found for the Staffel, but it probably began dissolving around the first few days of May. An unconfirmed source places the Staffel on an airfield at Beldringe/Denmark, 9 km north of Odense.[12]


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