Aufkl. Gr. 122 Dec 1940

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Dec 1940 - When the Staffel completed conversion and rejoined operations in November, some sources say it may have transferred to Soesterberg/Holland but the evidence noted below places it at Amsterdam-Schiphol.71

8 Dec 1940 – 4(F)./122 sent Ju 88 F6+HM on a shipping reconnaissance mission off the East Coast of England. The aircraft, flying at 4500ft, made landfall at Louth and photographed the airfield. It came under attack by a number of Spitfires and made a forced landing with it’s undercarriage retracted.72 It appears that the primary mission for this aircraft was to fly from Melsbroek and to bomb Waddington from about 800 ft – the crew had rehearsed this attack the previous day on a bombing training ground on the Belgian-Dutch border. 73



Aircraft Type




7 Dec 1940


Ju 88A-5



Attacked and damaged by Spitfires of 611 Sqdn.

Crash landed at Skidbroke, Somercotes, Lincs at 12.45.

Lt B. Tietzen, Fw W. Bäuerle, Uffz. W.Pinn and Gefr. W. Schenk all POW.

12 Dec 1940


Ju 88A-5



Ran out of fuel and force landed at Hoofdeplaat/Holland, 90%.


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