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1 Feb 1942 - 1(F)./122 photo-reconnaissance of La Valetta harbour. 2(F)./122 sent out Ju 88 F6+AK at 1300, returning at 1500, on special patrol in area south of Crete as far as 23E7211, no shipping sighted.[1]

2 Feb 1942 - 3(F)./122 took part in operations against convoys off the Norfolk coast, damaging a trawler in Yarmouth Roads.[2] 1(F)./122 photo-reconnaissance of La Valetta harbour. While another aircraft from the gruppe operated off African coast during the afternoon.[1]

3 Feb 1942 – Four aircraft of 1(F)./122 operated off Cape Passero, nothing sighted.[1]

Date Unit Aircraft Type Code Wkr.No. Notes
3 Feb 1942 2(F)./122 Ju 88D-1 Crashed at Trapani following combat, 100%, Oblt. Wolf von Aufsess (B), Fw. Josef Rösken (F), Fw. Jakob Welters (Bf) and Fw. Wilhelm Auerhahn (Bm) killed.[3]

4 Feb 1942 - 2(F)./122 sent out one, possibly two aircraft (F6+AK and/or F6+BK) on special reconnaissance sortie but made no sightings.[1]

5 Feb 1942 – 1(F)./122 sent an aircraft to look at La Valetta harbour (Malta). 2(F)./122 sent a Ju 88 on a sea reconnaissance near Tobruk. This reported the following:-

a) 1206 in 23E5384 three medium motor vessels, course 250 degrees.

b) 1209 in 23E5359 three large motor vessels, course 90 degrees.

c) 1223 in 23E4369 two tankers and three medium motor vessels, course 90 degrees.

d) 1227 in 23E4364 three medium motor vessels and two destroyers with an escort of two fighters, on a westerly course.[1]

6 Feb 1942 – 2(F)./122 sent a single aircraft to the western Mediterranean; one aircraft on a photo reconnaissance of La Valetta; 2 additional sorties were also carried out. Nothing special reported by any of these aircraft. (One of the sorties was flown by F6+VK).[1]

7 Feb 1942 - 1(F)./122 located at Gerbini (Sicily) and remained there until late April or the beginning of May 1942.[4] 8 Feb 1942 - A Ju 88D-1 of 1(F)./122 crash landed at Gerbini suffering 30% damage.

Date Unit Aircraft Type Code Wkr.No. Notes
13 Feb 1942 4(F)./122 Ju 88D-1 F6+PM Missing over the sea off Odessa, 100%, 4 MIA.

14 Feb 1942 - The Luftwaffe Order of Battle recorded the following:-

3(F)./122 under Luftflotte 3, with a mixture of Ju 88, Bf 109, Bf 110 and He 111 totalling 15 aircraft on strength of which 10 were servicable.

23 Feb 1942 - Flieger Führer Süd despatched two Ju 88s of 4(F)./122 between 0820 and 1040 on sea and land reconnaissance sorties, they returned between 0940 and 1457 hours.

1.(F)/122 sent a Ju 88 from Gerbini on a sortie to Malta - this aircraft was crewed by Oblt. Steppacher (Beobachter), Lt. Bohlens (Flugzeugfuhrer), Gefr. Ueffing (Bordfunker) and Gefr. Haring (Bordschutze); it photographed Malta from an approximate altitude of 7500 mtrs.[5]

A Im000247 web.jpg

24 Feb 1942 - At approx 0830 a Ju 88 from 4(F)./122 was despatched for a 7 hour reconnaissance sortie over Sevastapol and Kerch in the Crimea and Novorosiisk, Anapa and Tuapse on the Caucasus coast. It reported the presence of a heavy cruiser in Sevastapol harbour, 30+ aircraft on an airfield near Anapa and the battleship Pariskaya Kommuna together with a number of other warships in the harbour at Novorosiisk.[6]

Date Unit Aircraft Type Code Wkr.No. Notes
24 Feb 1942 3(F)./122 Ju 88D-1 Crash landed at Amsterdam-Schiphol due to engine failure, 15%.

26 Feb 1942 – 5(F)./122 photographed a “Winterflugplatz” on the ice of the Glubokoje-See (Lake Glubokoye) near the village of Leshnewo (Lezhnevo).(Pl.Q. 35 Ost 38583, 57.16.45N 33.12.45E).[7]

28 Feb 1942 – 5(F)./122 had two personnel wounded at Gostkino due to a bomb explosion.[8]


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