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Feb – Jun 1944 - no information available on 5(F)./122. Presumably, this staffel was active along the front in North Russia and over the Baltic States.

1 Feb 1944 – Order issued for the establishment of a telephone connection between Aufklgr 122 at Perugia and Brolio airfield.[1]

2 Feb 1944 – AufklGr 122 operated a Junkers aircraft on sea recce over the Tyrrhenian Sea and performed photo recce of Cagliari without results between 11.30 and 13.20 hrs Z.

1 Me 410 flew a recce of the Adriatic from Ancona to the Gulf of Manfredonia by 13.00 hrs Z.[2]

3 Feb 1944 - An Me 410 of 2(F)./122 operated in sea area Orbetello to 4102, 1335E to Gulf of Gaeta, sightings were made at 08.35 hrs Z, 08.40 hrs Z, 08.45 hrs Z and 08.55 hrs Z.[3]

An aircraft from Aufklgr.122 operated between 13.45 – 15.30 hrs Z flying a route between Ancona and Cape Gargano.[4]

06 Feb 1944 - 1 Ju88 of Westa 26 was up at 00.30 hrs Z on a reconnaissance sortie of the east coast of Italy.

A Ju 88 of (F)./122 was also operting from 01.45 – 05.00 hrs Z on a sortie covering the east coast Italy.

A unspecified aircraft of (F)./122 covered the area Ancona to Permoli between 10.45 – 11.45 hrs Z.

A Ju 88 of (F)./122 was due up 18.00 hrs Z for a reconnaissance sortie of the west coast of Italy.

1 Me 410 operated from 06.15 – 07.45 hrs Z from Perugia on a reconnaissance of the Tyrrhenian Sea off the Italian Coast.

1 Me 410 was up at 15.15 hrs Z and down at 16.30 hrs Z following a reconnaissance in front of the Anzio bridgehead.[5]

07 Feb 1944 - One Hehentwiel equipped Ju 88 of .(F)/122 departed at 11.15 hrs Z for Adriatic reconnaissance which was performed from 01.05 – 03.40 hrs Z between Ancona and Termoli without sighting anything.[6]

08 Feb 1944 – An aircraft of (F)./122 was despatched on an Adriatic reconnaissance sortie from 00.17 – 02.50 hrs Z covering the area between Ancona and Bari, a further sortie was also operated from 06.17 – 08.50 hrs Z without sighting.[7]

Luftflotte 2 orders issued at 23.00 hrs Z for Aufklgr 122 for night 8-9/02/44 and day 09/02/44 were as follows: first half night, screening offshore west Italy. Adriatic reconnaissance according to weather, taking advantage of moon. Day tasks unchanged.[8]

Date Unit Aircraft Type Code Wkr.No. Notes
10 Feb 1944 1(F)./122 JU 88D-1trop F6+AH 430076 Shot down during combat with eight enemy aircraft – claimed one of the attackers before succumbing to the overwhelming odds and crashing near Barbati on the Isle of Corfu. Fw. Freidrich Glatzel (F), Uffz. Rudolf Kainzbauer (Bb), Uffz. Franz Hagemann and Ogfr. Herbert Beier all killed.[9]

19 Feb 1944 – 4(F)./122 located at Odessa operating under I.Fliegerkorps.[10]

24 Feb 1944 – 5(F)./122 photographed the railway yards at Dno (Target No SU 40 79, 57.39.40N/29.57.30E, Pl.Qu. 25 Ost 98 293).[11]


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