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1 Jan 1944 – On 31st Dec 1943 Westa 26 was ordered by Luftflotte 2 to perform a recce of the Appenines as far as latitude of Aquila – sortie to take place at first light.[1]

(F)./122 serviceable aircraft – 4 Ju 88, including two Hohentwiel equiped, and three Me 410 available.[2]

02 Jan 1944 - Orders to (F)122 for night 02-03/01/44 and day 03/01/44. Night recce with two aircraft to cover the Adriatic and Tyrrhenian including offshore area. Day tasks remain unchanged. Preparations to be made for the use of Ju88D aircraft on anti-submarine (recce) sorties. Completion of equipping and number of available aircraft to be reported. The Gulf of Genoa is to be the primary operational area.[3]

(F)./122 flew the following sorties on this day:- Me 410 (2(F)./122) recce sortie covering Adriatic from San Benedetto to Bari. Adriatic recce of Italian East coast as far as Brindisi flown between 18.00 and 22.30 hrs. Italian West coast Recce commencing at 17.30 hrs.[4]

03 Jan 1944 – Luftflotte 2 issued instructions requiring (F)./122 to commit two Hohentwiel equiped aircraft for night sorties over the Adriatic and Tyrrhenian seas for the night of 03/04 Jan 1944.[5]

(F)./122, in response to an enquiry, advised that the following airfields were serviceable – Forli, Viterbo Pisa Giusto and Aviano. Jesi was serviceable but without artificial horizon or directional searchlights.[6]

A single aircraft from (F)./122 performed an early morning recce but reported no sightings in the sea area off the Pontine islands.[7]

One Me 410 went up at 07.00 hrs for a photo reconnaissance sortie covering the area between Ponza and Ischia.[8]

One Me 410 took of at 09.15 hrs for photo reconnaissance of the airfields around Foggia.[8]

One Me 410 up at 11.00 hrs on route south-east of Nettunia via Sezze Romano to northwest of Frosinone to Pescara and to the guerilla north-east of Foligno.[8]

An aircraft was up at 13.00 hrs with task photo recce east of Viterbo to Sulmona, just south of Frosinone. [8]

One Ju 88 of Westa 26 flew from 17.30 hrs to 21.45 hrs for an offshore recce east of Italy.[8]

4 Jan 1944 - one Me 410 of 2(F)./122 due to take off at 07.00 hrs tasked with a sortie to Naples.[9]

Date Unit Aircraft Type Code Wkr.No. Notes
8 Jan 1944 2(F)./122 Me 410A-1 F6+PK 10235 Shot down by a Spitfire at 8,530 meters (28,000 feet) near Castiglione while flying a routine recce from Perugia over the Adriatic along the east coast of Italy, 100%, 1 KIA and 1 captured.[10]

05 Jan 1944 - (F)./122 at 14.00 hours ordered to carry out a night recce to the west with one aircraft. Informed that there would be no naval undertaking.[11]

One Me 410 from 06.30 hrs to 08.00 hrs – recce of Adriatic including offshore San Benedetto-Bari.[12]

One Junkers of (F)./122 recce of Tyrrhenian Sea from 06.45 hrs to 10.30 hrs.Z[12]

One Junkers of (F)./122 due up at 06.30 hrs for weather recce of North west Italy.[12]

In the evening (F)./122 reported two Ju 88 and three Me 410 serviceable.[13]

Intentions of (F)./122 for 06/01/44[14]:-

1. One Ju 88 to be up at 06.30 hrs Z for a sortie to the Tyrrhenian sea.

2. One Me 410 to take off at 06.30 hrs Z for a recce flight to the Adriatic.

3. One Me 410 to take off at 07.00 Z for photo recce of Corsican harbours and airfields.

4. One Ju 88 to be up at 11.30 hrs Z for an anti-submarine patrol in the Gulf of Genoa.

06 Jan 1944 - F)./122 sorties

Ju 88 off-shore San Benedetto – Bari -07.15-08.00 hrs Z.

One Ju 88 up 11.30 hrs Gulf of Genoa.

One Me 410 up 17.30 hrs Ischia

One Me 410 up 11.30 hrs Corsica.[15]

At 08.15 hrs Z an aircraft of 2(F)./122 photographed Calvi airfield and identified 8 single engined aircraft and one heavy fighter (type not recognised). Further progress on runway construction had been made since a previous photo recce sortie of 24 Dec 1943.[16]

07 Jan 1944 – Air raid on Perugia. Luftwaffe reported 7 killed and 20 wounded. Italians reported 3 killed and 12 wounded. Raid took place at 12.00 – 12.15 hrs.

10 high explosives and large numbers of fragmentation bombs on airfield and surroundings.

1 Ju 88 and 1 Italian aircraft destroyed. 1 Fw 44; 5 Ju 88; 1 Me 410; 1 Jku 52 slightly damaged.

1 Ju 88 and 1 Fi 156 badly damaged. Fuel pump destroyed. Runway slightly damaged at southern end.

Slight damage to hangers and buildings. Expectation was that the airfield would be serviceable on 08 Jan 1944.[17]

8 Jan 1944 - Perugia airfield serviceable again 08.30 hrs Z. landing only on runway, taxying on runway and perimeter track. Serviceable for emergency night landing. Only landing strip lighting.[18]

9 Jan 1944 – 2(F)./122 sent out Buers and Lucassen in F6+QK on an early morning sortie commencing at 0703 hrs and returning at 0929 hrs. The same aircraft, this time with a crew consisting of Vuus and Brückner, was sent out again at 1233 hrs but returned early at 1345 hrs, the crew having aborted the sortie.[19]

10 Jan 1944 – 2(F)./122, the early morning sortie was flown by Bormann and Stauch in F6+OK, departing at 0702 hrs and returning at 0839 hrs. Tilger and Steinke flew the afternoon sortie, in F6+QK, departing at 1355 hrs and returning at 1600 hrs.[19]

11 Jan 1944 – No early morning sortie was flown by 2(F)./122 on this day. Howerever, F6+OK and F6+QK were both out for midday sorties. F6+OK, flown by Krause and Simonius, took off at 1146 hrs and returned at 1220 hrs whereas F6+QK, flown by Vuus and Brückner, departed at 1159 hrs and returned at 1242 hrs.[19]

13 Jan 1944 – early morning sortie flown by 2(F)./122 departing at 08.59, returning at 09.32. Sortie flown by Windhövel and Müller in Me 410A-3, F6+OK.[19]

At 10.03 Bormann and Stauch took off in Me 410A F6+QK only to return at 10.07 having abandoned the sortie.[19]

This crew took off again at 10.52 in the same plane and returned at 12.43, this sortie was also abandoned.[19]

F6+MK, an Me 410A was flown on a transfer flight to München-Riem, this was flown solo by a pilot called Kroll.[19]

Windhövel and Müller took off at 14.34 hrs, in Me 410 F6+QK, on a sortie that lasted until their return at 016.18 hrs.[19]

At 15.30 hrs Ju 88D-1 F6+BK landed being delivered by a transfer crew.[19]

At 15.50 hrs Jackstadt and Schütz flew Me 410 F6+PK from Perugia to Forli returning at 16.12 hrs.[19]

14 Jan 1944 – In the only sortie flown by 2(F)./122 that day, Me 410 (F6+QK) flown by Tilger and Steinke departed at 12.08 hrs returning exactly two hours later.[19]

22 Jan 1944 – US landings at Anzio commence.

26 Jan 1944 – 5(F)./122 transferred from Pskov-South to Jelgava (Mitau) in Central Latvia and remained there under FAGr.1 until July 1944.[20]


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