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Jul 1942 - The Luftwaffe Order of Battle recorded the following:-

1(F)./122 under the control of Luftflotte 2 in the Mediterranean with a mixed stock of Ju 88 and Bf 109 aircraft – 12 on strength of which 5 were servicable.

2(F)./122 under Luftflotte 2 with 9 Ju 88 of which 5 were servicable.

3(F)./122 under Luftflotte 3, with 12 Ju 88 of which 11 were servicable.

4(F)./122 also under Luftflotte 4, on the Southern Sector of the Eastern Front, with 10 Ju 88 aircraft of which 5 were servicable.

5(F)./122 under Luftflotte 1, on the Northern Sector of the Eastern Front, with 10 Ju 88 on strength of which 5 were servicable.

1 Jul 1942 – operational orders were given to 1(F)./122 to send a Kette to attack parked twin-engined aircraft at Luca while at the same time perform photo reconnaissance of Valetta. Bomb load included AB 23, ABB 500 and SD 250.[1]

8 Ju 88s of Aufkl.Gr..122 were transferred to Heraklion and placed under the command of II Fl.Korps.[2]

2 Jul 1942 – 1(F)./122 had a Ju 88 damaged in combat, with a Beaufighter of 89 Sqdn, over Malta while on an early morning recce sortie to check the results of the previous nights bombing raid – the Ju 88 crashlanded at Comiso suffering severe damage.

4 Jul 1942 – Five Ju 88s were expected to arrive at Berca from Trapani for 2(F)./122.[3]

7 Jul 1942 – aircraft of 5(F)./122 photographed various locations in and around Leningrad.[4]

Date Unit Aircraft Type Code Wkr.No. Notes
8 Jul 1942 3(F)./122 Ju 88 Attacked by a fighter near Ramsgate/Kent wounding St.Kap. Hptm. Otto + 1. No damage to the aircraft reported.

9 Jul 1942 – 6 Ju 88s from (F)./122 were to be sent to Derna at dawn on this date. It is understood that they would be involved in the protection of the “Siena” convoy.[5]

19 Jul 1942 – an aircraft of 5(F)./122 photographed the coastal area to the north-east of Kronstadt.[6]

25 Jul 1942 – At this time 3(F)./122 were making an average of three sorties across the North Sea each day.

Date Unit Aircraft Type Code Wkr.No. Notes
25 Jul 1942 3(F)./122 Ju 88A-5 8H+KL 05649 Shot down near Smith Knoll Light Vessel. (Aircraft on loan from 3.(F)/33). OPS (F) missing (100%) unk location Uffz. Hans Schorn (F), Uffz. Werner Schulz (B), Uffz. Rolf Hochdörfer (Bf) and Uffz. Peter Bickel (Bs) all missing [7]

4(F)./122, operating under Luftflotte 4, had an aircraft checking Taupse for warships.[8]

26 Jul 1942 – around 13.00 hrs an aircraft of 4(F)./122 reported that it had not sighted any shipping in the area bounded by 34 Ost 94453 and 44 Ost 13111.[9]It then reported sighting a tanker in port at 44 Ost 13111[10]

At 14.00 hrs and flying at 7500 m the crew of a 4(F)./122 aircraft reported sighting a fast partol boat on a course of 330 degrees.[11]

At 14.05 hrs when flying at 8000 m the crew of a 4(F)./122 aircraft (possibly that above) reported the following sighting in Gradnetz 34 Ost 94451: 1 R-Boat, 1 M-Boat and 1 merchant steamer.[12]

27 Jul 1942 – A Ju 88 of 4(F)./122 on a sortie to Taupse, reported at 08.10 hrs, that a 7000 t tanker was arriving in port otherwise no other changes. There were two small steamers outside port on a course of 130 degrees.[13]

28 Jul 1942 – 1(F)./122 sent a single Bf 109F as part of an early morning fighter sweep across Malta. There were (reportedly) 27 aircraft taking part in this sweep, the majority of the aircraft taking part were from II./JG 53, the Bf 109F forced landed at Comiso on its return – this was possibly due to damage sustained in combat over Malta.[14]

Date Unit Aircraft Type Code Wkr.No. Notes
29 Jul 1942 3(F)./122 Ju 88 F6+EL 1515 Aircraft lost during daylight operations.Uffz.Rudolf Pilz(F), Oblt. Heinrich Henze(B), Uffz. Ernst Schultz (Bf) and Ofw. Richard Lossack (Bs) all MIA. (LW Loss Report 31.7.42 entry 134)


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