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Mar 1940: 1(F)./122 is said to have transferred from Fp.Uetersen to Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel, but the exact date is not known.[1]

4(F)./122 at Münster-Loddenheide gradually converting to Junkers Ju 88s.[2]

2 Mar 1940 – X. Fliegerkorps reported that six aircraft from 1(F)./122 left Utersen between 16.20 and 16.35 hrs on a sea recce sortie covering Pl. Qu. 05 Ost 6518 -6575 to 1787 and 2438, the furthest point of the patrol being achieved by 18.30 hrs. The reported results included: 4 destroyers spotted in Pl. Qu. 05 Ost 2251; a submarine in Pl. Qu 05 Ost 4413 and commercial shipping mainly to the south of the search area.[3] All 6 aircraft landed successfully between 20.07 and 20.46 hrs.[4]

6 Mar 1940 - a man (Flg. Kurt Linxweiler[5]) from the 2nd Staffel’s ground personnel walked into a propeller and was injured at Münster-Loddenheide.

17 Mar 1940 - From 04.33 - 04.46 hrs 6 aircraft of 1(F)./122 flew a recce of the sea area off the Scottish east coast. Result:

In the Firth of Forth 1 cruiser ("Effingham"?) on high speed zigzag course and 1 submarine.

In the port of Peterhead 3-4 cargo ships (about 500 - 2-000 t.).

East of Arbroath 1 minelayer (about 400 t), this was attacked with the aircraft machine guns. 150 km east of Wick a picket boat was sighted. In the middle of the North Sea, about 320 km east of Arbroath, 1 submarine. Furthermore, in the northern North Sea a number of different steamers in convoy were also noted.[6]

20 Mar 1940 – 1(F)./122 sent off a single He 111H on a sortie covering the Shetlands/Bergen/Enge area. East of Sumburgh convoy HN 20 “Alice” was spotted. The make up of the convoy was reported by the crew as a cruiser, three destroyers and forty merchantmen, the heading being reported as southwest. When Fleigerkorps X received this information it immediately despatched a further 3 He 111s of 1(F)./122 together with 13 He 111s of I./KG 26 and another 14 He 111s of I I./KG 26. (The bomber formations departed their bases about one hour apart during the afternoon.

Towards the evening another 1(F)./122 crew spotted a convoy NE of Ratray Head and after an interval of about an hour this too was attacked, this time by another 14 He111s of KG 26.

21 Mar 1940 – A 1(F)./122 He 111H-3 ran out of fuel while spotting convoys in the Shetlands - Orkneys area for KG 26 and force landed near Flensburg on return, 100%, Oblt. Blievernicht + 2 killed and 1 injured.

Date Unit Aircraft Type Code Wkr.No. Notes
21 Mar 1940 1(F)./122 He 111H-3 Ran out of fuel on the return flight and crash landed near Flensburg. Three crew killed (Oblt. Blievernicht + 2 killed and 1 injured).
28 Mar 1940 1(F)./122 He 111H-2 Failed to return from a recce mission – shot down off Wick by aircraft of 43 and 605 Sqdns.Oblt. Horst Gollmann (B), Fw Georg Schwenzer (Bf), Uffz Karl Knollmann (Bs), Oberfw Willi Moller (F) - all MIA.[7]

31 Mar 1940 – Aircraft from 1(F)./122 in conjunction with KG 26 took off between 04.54 and 05.31 hrs for a sortie to the Orkney and Shetland Islands.[8]

Date Unit Aircraft Type Code Wkr.No. Notes
31 Mar 1940 5(F)./122 Do 17P Crashed shortly after taking off from Fp.Köln-Wahn, 100%, Hptm. Alfred Schäfer killed and 1 injured. This aircraft was due to take part as a target for searchlights.[9]

Independent reconnaissance results from 4(F)./122 on this day included:-

Lille: Light flak position on the SW edge of the city 500 m north, Loos.

Roubaix: The airfield at Flers: unable to establish occupancy. 1500 m south of the airfield 2 light flak positions - unable to establish occupancy.

Tourcoing: 250 - 1 200 m south of the station 3 battery positions. unable to establish occupancy.

Halluin: (15 km north of Lille) To the southeast of Halluin to French-Belgian border field fortifications with MG and anti-tank positions as well as wire obstacles under construction. Behind this were seen anti-tank trenches, also SW. of Halluin.

Douai: The airfield at La Brayelle: unable to establish occupancy. Douai rail yards station occupied by about 1000 carriages. North and east of Douai there were 5 light and medium flak positions.

La Bassee: 200 m to the north of the port, a heavy flak position with 4 guns. South of La Bassee apparently 3 Flak positions.

Arras - Airfield D u i s a s s: Busy. 3 aircraft, unidentified type. 2500 m to the north east a heavy flak position of 3 guns was spotted.

Berck sur Mer - Airfield occupied by 5 single engine aircraft (apparently Moranes).[10]


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