Aufkl. Gr. 122 Mar 1944

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Mar 1944 – 3(F)./122 converted to the Ju 188 and then at the end of March transferred from Amsterdam-Schiphol to Soesterberg/Holland. The order for this transfer is believed to have been issued on 9 Feb 44 but not immediately carried out.[1]

4(F)./122 now transferred to Königsberg/East Prussia to rest, refit and begin conversion to the Ju 188.[2]

6 Mar 1944 – 5(F)./122 photographed the snowy railway yards (SU 40 18008) and fuel yard at Dedowitschi (57.33.07N/29.56.45E – Pl.Qu. 25 Ost 98496[3]

27 Mar 1944 – 22 Jul 1944- 1.(F)/122 located at Gutenfeld.[4]

Date Unit Aircraft Type Code Wkr.No. Notes
29 Mar 1944 3(F)./122 Ju 188F-1 280226 Crashed during a non-combat flight. Crash location was Entschede, nr Twente ( actually near Café Azink, Voortsweg, Enschede, Netherlands).

Crew were as follows:- Fw Ernst Mayer (F), Oblt. Werner Müller (B), Fw. Gerhard Fischer (Bf) and Offz. Edwart Neitzke (Bd) all were killed in the crash. The Bergkdo. Twente had to recover the wreckage.[5]


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