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May – Jun 1942 – 4(F)./122 nowto be found at Saki/Crimea under VIII.Fliegerkorps - supported the recapture of eastern Crimea and the siege of Sevastopol’ while maintaining close surveillance of enemy forces in North Caucasia and the Black Sea.[1]

1 May 1942 – Stab./122 reported 2 Ju 88D-1 on strength.[2]

An aircraft of 5(F)./122 photographed various facilities, including docks and railyards, in and around Leningrad.[3]

Date Unit Aircraft Type Code Wkr.No. Notes
1 May 1942 5(F)./122 Ju 88D Crash-landed between Tschudovo and Luban, Fw Reuter wounded.[4]
3 May 1942 2(F)./122 Ju 88D F6+MK 0165 Lost on a combat sortie – 100%

Lr Fritz Pinaker (F), Oblt. August Pfab (Bf, Uffz Erich Fischer (Bf) and Uffz. August fischwer (Bs) all MIA|}

5 May 1942 – Final dissolution of Erg.(F)/122.

Date Unit Aircraft Type Code Wkr.No. Notes
6 May 1942 1(F)./122 Ju 88D-1 430157 Fl.Pl. Trashani (? - Trapani?) crashlanded, 40% damage.
8 May 1942 ?(F)./122 Ju 88D F6+OL 430002 Lt. H. Hahn made a belly landing at Schiphol airbase after substaining damage. Ogefr. H. Jung was the BF.
8 May 1942 4(F)./122 Ju 88D-1 1207 Engine damage at Burdunduk. 15% damage. Fw Reichander (BM) injured.
9 May 1942 4(F)./122 Ju 88D-5 430007 Damaged engine at Saki, 30%, 3 injured. - Fw. Mallik (F), Ofw. Baer (B) and Ogfr. Markus (Bm)

10 May 1942 – 1(F)./122 now based at Catania/Sicily, retaining this as its main base until December 1942.[5]

2(F)./122 located at Trapani with 12(6) Ju 88s directly under Luftflotte 2.[6]

Date Unit Aircraft Type Code Wkr.No. Notes
13 May 1942 5(F)./122 Ju 88D-1 1608 Damaged by AA-fire and belly landed at Fp.Gostkino, 30%.
13 May 1942 4(F)./122 Ju 88D-5 F6+AM 430036 Lost on combat sortie – 100%. Fw. Rubba (F), Fw. Müller (Bf) and two others all MIA.

13 May 1942 - There is no mention of the 5(F)./122 in the surviving records from this date until Sep 1942. This suggests that it may have stood down following the heavy fighting around the Demyansk Pocket so it could refit and grant home leave to its personnel.

Date Unit Aircraft Type Code Wkr.No. Notes
16 May 1942 1(F)./122 Ju 88D-5 430162 Crashlanded at sea – 100% damage. Lt Karl-Heinz Aln (F), Uffz. Heinrich Martens(B), uffz, Friedrich Schäfer (Bf) and Uffz. Josef Fletner (Bs).

17 May 1942 – 1(F)./122 lost a Ju 88 while on an early morning reconnaissance mission to Malta. The aircraft approached Malta from the north at approx. 0700. Spitfires of 249 Sqdn intercepted the Ju 88 over Valetta.

Date Unit Aircraft Type Code Wkr.No. Notes
17 May 1942 1(F)./122 Ju 88 F6+LH Shot down by Spitfires over Valetta/Malta during an early morning recce mission, 100%. Oblt Gunter Steppmacher and his crew were all killed.

20 May 1942 - at Creil – 3(F)./122 reported 15(10) Ju 88s and Bf 109s on strength under IX.Fliegerkorps.[7]

The following units, ultimately controlled by Luftflotte 2, operated under II Fliegerkorps:-

Stab (F). /122 based at Trapani with 3 (2) Ju 88.

1(F)./122 based at Catania with a strength of 13 Me 109 and Ju 88 of which 10 were available for operations.

2(F)./122 based at Trapani with 13 (6) Ju88.

Date Unit Aircraft Type Code Wkr.No. Notes
20 May 1942 4(F)./122 Ju 88D-5 1716 Saki – 25% damage on landing..

22 May 1942 - VIII.Fliegerkorps / Ic. Instructed 4(F)./122 to ensure important messages were transmitted by radio. Also Staffel was to be used for sea recce and reconnaissance of Taman Peninsula .[8]

4(F))./122 located at Saki under Fliegerführer Süd.[9]

Date Unit Aircraft Type Code Wkr.No. Notes
24 May 1942 3(F)./122 Ju 88D-1 1476 Schipol – 80% damage sustained in a crash landing due to damage caused by enemy fire.
28 May 1942 3(F)./122 Ju 88D-5 430236 Schipol – 65% damage sustained in a crash landing due to damage caused by enemy fire

30 May 1942 - A Bf 109 (F6+YH Wkr Nr 8754[10]) of 1(F)./122 crash landed at Catania on return from a recce sortie. Lt Herbert Toula was injured.

An aircraft of 5(F)./122 photographed a number of targets in the Leningrad area including Chernaya Rechka (Chyornaya Rechka)[11]

31 May 1942 – 4(F)./122 operated a number of sorties for the visual recce of Sevastapol – at 04.05 hrs Sevastapol could not be seen due to the weather conditions; between 04.05 hrs and 06.00 hrs no shipping was sighted in Pl.Qu. 35,45,55,3410,3440 and at 17.50 hrs it was reported that nothing could be seen in the harbour.[12]


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