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Date Unit Aircraft Type Code Wkr.No. Notes
5 Nov 1941 5(F)./122 Ju 88A-5 F6+BN Failed to return from a sortie - no additional details available, 100%, 4 MIA.

11 Nov 1941 – 3(F)./122 sent out a Ju 88 (F6+PL) from Montdidier at 14.00 hrs returning at 16.03 hrs after a flight of 2hrs 3 minutes.[1]

12 Nov 1941 – At 16.35 hrs F6+OL of 3(F)./122 departed Montdidier for a sortie that ended at Gilze-Rijen at 20.36hrs.[1]

Date Unit Aircraft Type Code Wkr.No. Notes
12 Nov 1941 4(F)./122 Ju88D-1 F6+EM 1365 Missing from a combat sortie to Debalzewo-Lichaja. Fw Günther Findiesen (F); LT Helmut Horn (B); Uffz Ewald Patzke (Bf) and Uffz Karl Bena (Bm) all missing.[2]

14 Nov 1941 – F6+OL repositioned to Montdidier at 16.15hrs following a 52 minute flight.[1]

15 Nov 1941 – F6+BL of 3(F)./122 flew from Montdidier to Paris-Orly and then on to Villacoublay. the aircraft left Montdidier at 15.23hrs, arriving at Paris-Orly at 15.54 hrs, leaving there at 16.15hrs and finally touching down at Villacoublay at 16.24 hrs.[1]

22 Nov 1941 – 3(F)./122, no operations[3]

23 Nov 1941 – 3(F)./122 - F6+CL possibly sighted convoy FS54 off Flamborough Head at 0820. Landing conditions were bad at Montdidier on return so the crew were offered the choice of diverting to Riems if there was sufficient fuel, or alternatively to belly land at Montdidier. This aircraft possibly crash landed at Montdidier. Further reconnaissance not possible owing to issues with the weather.[3]

25 Nov 1941 – 3(F)./122 - Single aircraft to Thames Estuary – Flamborough Head. Reported unsuccessful attack by British fighters about 70 km E of Cromer 0815-0850 hrs. Intended to fly to target area 1 after this attack. Reported insufficient cloud cover and turned back at 0918 hrs. Landed at 1105 hrs. Intended operations by F6+AL were cancelled.[3]

28 Nov 1941 - F6+GL of 3(F))./122 was sent to cover an area between the Thames Estuary, Cromer and Flamborough Head. This aircraft reported no shipping sighted in Thames Estuary and insufficient cloud cover. It landed at 1208 hrs. F6+GL, also from 3(F)./122, took off at 1246 hrs on a shipping recce sortie from square 1230 to 0410. Ground control warned the crewt not to use their AA recognition lights as they were wrong. Flew to Thames Estuary and up E Anglian coast. Reported 15 motor vessels at anchor east of Cromer at 1404 hrs. Then flew as far as Square 0440 (E. of Spurn Point) and broke off flight there, on account of the weather conditions. On the return flight it sighted a convoy of 26 medium and 10 large sized vessels leaving the Thames Estuary on a northerly course - this was convoy FN 64. [3]

30 Nov 1941 – F6+BL (3(F)./122) took off before 0930. It followed a track of Montdidier-Ostend-outer Thames Estuary (05 Ost 1230) – penetrated into Estuary up to O5 Ost 0249 – off Yarmouth (2330) – about 35 Km E of Mablethorpe – returned to base.[3]


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