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1-2 Sep 1941 – Aircraft from 3(F)./122 took part in the attack on Newcastle. Other units involved were III./KG 30; II./KG 2; E./KG 30 and K.Gr. 606. Aircraft from 3(F)./122 together with those from III./KG 30 were over the target from 23.13 – 00.06 hrs. 28 SC 1000 and 4 SC 500 bombs were dropped in this part of the raid. At 23.30 hrs 1 large fire and explosion plus several small fires were observed.[1]

9 Sep 1941 - 3(F)./122, one aircraft reported position 110km west of Whitby around 1510. Noted that the 'target' (?) was cloudless then flew on to 'target 2'. In answer to a query from the ground station, stated that no convoy had been sighted. Landed by 2018.[2]

12 Sep 1941- 3(F)./122 aircraft coded F6+BL reported position at 1005hrs as 15W3514 (Carlisle), and at 1050 as 15W1428 (Hull). An aircraft that made landfall at Flamborough Head at 1045 after a lone recce flight over the North See was possibly this aircraft, the first position being possible a mistake for 05 Ost. The aircraft landed at 1241.[3]

3(F)./122 flew another sortie between the Tyne and the Humber finishing by flying down the East Anglian coast – it landed at 1030 hrs.[3]

13 Sep 1941 – 3(F)./122 Ju 88 coded F6+BL left Montdidier at 13.15hrs returning from the sortie to land at Montdidier at 17.53hrs.[4]

14 Sep 1941- 3(F)./122 had a single aircraft off the east coast of England from Tyne to Humber and then down the East Anglian Coast. This landed at 1030.[5]

Another aircraft from 3(F)./122 left Montdidier at 07.07hrs returning there to land at 13.03hrs.[6]

1(F)./122 - recce mission to look at railway lines etc in the Brjansk - Orel region.[7]

16 Sep 1941- A single aircraft of 3(F)./122 sent on a sea reconnaissance to the east of Cromer around 1745 hours. 1(F)./122 now at Smolensk-Nord (Stabna).[8]

17 Sep 1941 - A single aircraft from 3(F)./122 operated from Montdidier - The Hague - 270° for 100km - Southend area - Montdidier. This aircraft landed at Montdidier at 1920 hours.[9]

18 Sep 1941 - 3(F)./122 sent aircraft coded F6+FL and F6+OL on a sea reconnaissance sortie to the English east coast, between Cromer and Spurn Point. These aircraft may have joined the attack made by KGr 606 on convoy FN 20 which was spotted earlier in the day by 4U+FL of 3.(F)/123. Both aircraft landed by 2100 hours.[10]

F6+CL was also despatched on a sortie by 3(F)./122 departing Montdidier at 12.55hrs returning at 15.50hrs.[11]

22 Sep 1941 – 3(F)./122 F6+BL, F6+EL and F6+OL took off before 1030 to the English east coast between Lowestoft and Middlesbrough. All had landed by 1400.[12]

Date Unit Aircraft Type Code Wkr.No. Notes
24 Sep 1941 2(F)./122 Bf 110 F6+PK Failed to return from a recce of the Tula area, 100%, 2 MIA.

25 Sep 1941 – 3(F)./122 despatched 2 aircraft to the coast of E.Anglia and Lincolnshire. These were attacked by fighters in 05E 1435 at 1225 GMT. They claimed one fighter damaged and landed about 1350 hrs. Another aircraft was sent to the East Anglian coast between Harwich and Lowestoft and landed after 1500 hrs.[12]

27 Sep 1941 - F6+LL of 3(F)./122 sent on a sortie to the East Coast of England from the Thames Estuary to a point about 50 km west of Spurn Point. It gave special attention to the area Lowestoft – Harwich, possibly searching for southbound convoy in this area, but sighted nothing owing to bad visibility. It is possible that the cancellation of operations by KGr 606[13] was made on the basis of weather reports from this aircraft.[14]

28 Sep 1941 – An aircraft of 3(F)./122 operated off the East Coast of England between Harwich and Spurn Point. This aircraft made a brief landfall at Ravenscar (Yorks), circling the area and then flew out to sea, probably sighted no shipping.[15]

29 Sep 1941 – 3(F)./122 sent out a number of aircraft (F6+CL, EL, FL, GL, LL) to sortie along the East Coast of England from the Thames Estuary to Flamborough Head. One of the aircraft broke off on account of weather and two others failed to find the convoy for which they were searching. One of the aircraft probably made an unsuccessful attack on convoy FN 25 off Yarmouth at about 1830. All of the aircraft had returned to base by 2100.[16]

An aircraft of 5(F)./122 photographed the naval anchorage at Leningrad (SU 12 26000).[17]

30 Sep 1941 – 1(F)./122 ordered by II Fliegerkorps to establish, by photo recce sortie, the occupancy of airfields in the area Nawlja – Orel – Kaluga – Temkino.[18]


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