Bad Vöslau

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(AUS) (47.57.20 N 16.15.00 E)

General: 25km SSW of Vienna, 3 km southest of Bad Vöslau and 1.5 km East of Kottingbrunn.

History: Before the German occupation this was a small peacetime airfield with one small hanger erected by the Hirtenburg Flugzeugbau. From January 1944 this was used as an industry airfield for WNF use for the final assembly of Me-109s.


Runway: Grass orientated E-W.

Infrastructure: On the northwest corner there were 4 large and 1 small hangers. The barrack were behind the hangers.



Operational Units: FFS A/B 62 (8 May 1940 to 29 Mar 1941 and again 14 Apr 1941 to 1 Jul 1943), II./Grosse KFS 2 (5 Sep 1939 to Dec 1939), I(H)./14 (2 Oct 1939 to 31 Oct 1939), 3(H)./14 (Apr 1941), Stab and I./JGr 108 (1 Jul 1943 to 25 Mar 1945), SG 10 (elements of this unit may have used this airfield in the period Mar-May 1945). Fl.Z.Gr.IV (Jun 1944 to ?)

Station Commands:

Station Units: Fl.Pl. Kdo. A 17/XVII (? to Apr 1944), Fl.H.Kdtr. A (o) 2/XVII (1 Apr 1944 to Apr 1945)

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