Befehlshaber der deutschen Luftwaffe in Südgriechenland

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Befehlshaber der deutschen Luftwaffe in Südgriechenland

(FpN: L 40359)


Gen.Maj. Alexander Holle (1 Feb 43 - 30 Oct 43)

Formation and History. (1941 - 1943)

Formed fall 1941, probably in Athens. Details concerning this command remain unclear. It is believed to have been initially established to exercise territorial authority over the territorial preserve of Gen.Kdo. X. Fliegerkorps, which operated in the Eastern Mediterranean from Greece and Crete, and Luftgaukdo. Südost (later Luftgaustab Griechenland). In practice, however, it is rarely or never noted in documents and its responsibilities may have eventually been taken over by the Stab of X. Fliegerkorps and/or Luftwaffenkdo. Südost. The Befehlshaber of this command was concurrently Komm.Gen. of X. Fliegerkorps in most or all cases. In 1943 or early 1944 it became a Wehrmacht or Heer command under the designation Kommandierender General und Befehlshaber Südgriechenland.[1]

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