DFS-Staffel 23

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DFS-Staffel 23

Code: possibly (F7+__)

FpN: (*Jun 1943 by renaming 17/LLG 1. + Oct 1943).


Formed at Orange airfield in S France in June, it was used to airlift parachute units together with their equipment and supplies from South France to Italy between July and September 1943. Tow aircraft were provided by Transportgruppe 30, since the Staffel did not have an allotment of its own. It was ordered disbanded by XI. Fliegerkorps in October 1943. [1]

Commanding Officer

Lt. E.(?) Wagner ( ? - ? ) 7/43


Orange/S France (6/43 - 10/43)

Equipment and Returns

Reported 69 DFS 230 gliders on strength 10 Jul. 1943.

Representative Losses DFS-Staffel 23

(none found)



Distinctions and Remarks


© by Henry L. deZeng IV (Work in Progress, 2023).

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