Deutschen Luftwaffenmission Bulgarien

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Deutschen Luftwaffenmission Bulgarien

(FpN: L 06658)

Leiter (Chef):

Gen.Maj. Carl-August von Schönebeck (1 Sep 39 - 9 Sep 44)

Formation and History. (Sep 39 - Sep 44)

Formed 1 September 1939 as Sonderstab Bulgarien (Lw.), a special staff of Luftwaffe advisers and training instructors who began arriving in Bulgaria during the next year and a half, a few at a time. Upgraded, expanded and re-designated as above in mid- or late-summer 1942 with Stab in Sofia. A 12 Jun 1942 raid on the Ploesti oil refineries in neighbouring Romania by 13 USAAF B-24 Liberators had prompted a sudden German interest in strengthening the Bulgarian AF. Disbanded 6-9 September 1944 as a result of Bulgaria unilaterally pulling out of the war on 4 September, forcing all German forces in the country to begin immediately withdrawing toward Yugoslavia and South Hungary, the latter via western Romania.[1]

Flugbereitschaft Dt.Lw.-Mission Bulgarien

Formation, History and Losses. (1940 - Sep 44)

Probably formed 1940-41 in Sofia. It is not thought to have numbered more than 2 or 3 aircraft.[2]

28 Aug 43: Fi 156 damaged landing east of Kavalla, 30%.

30 Aug 44: Fi 156 crashed east of Sofia, 100%, Oberst Clemens Graf von Schönborn (pilot) killed.

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