Deutschen Luftwaffenmission Slowakei

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Deutschen Luftwaffenmission Slowakei

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Leiter (Chef):

Oberst Erhard Krüger (15 Aug 39 - 1 Feb 41)

Gen.Lt. Ludwig Keiper (1 Feb 41 - 9 Nov 44)

Formation and History. (Aug 39 - Nov 44)

Formed on or about 15 August 1939 as Luftwaffenmission Pressburg (Bratislava), consisting mainly of a small staff sent to the Slovak capital to coordinate the use of Slovak airfields for the forthcoming 1 Sep 1939 attack on Poland. Upgraded, expanded and re-designated as above in February 1941. Primarily responsible for training and logistics support for the tiny Slovak Air Force, as well as overseeing the establishment of Luftwaffe airfields in the country. Disbanded during the first half of November 1944 as Slovakia became a combat zone in the eastern part of the country following Soviet offensive operations during the summer.[1]

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