Einsatzgruppe Uhl

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Einsatzgruppe Uhl

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Formation. (Apr 45)

Formed first half of April 1945 at Ludwigslust/35 km ESE of Schwerin using 3./TGr 30 reinforced with additional He 111s and crews from disbanded units. The Einsatzgruppe was quickly built-out to two Staffeln with a total of 32 He 111H-16s and H-20s. Its assignment was to fly air supply missions and to bomb targets in North Germany, mainly Allied rail targets and advancing British and Canadian forces. Most missions were flown at night. Documented support for the bombing missions is exceedingly weak as several pilot veterans who flew with the Einsatzgruppe from its inception state that they are unaware of it being used in this fashion.[1]

Germany. (Apr 45 - May 45)

20 Apr 45: in operations up to 20 April, 4 He 111s were lost in air supply missions over the Ruhr Pocket and several others were destroyed on the ground during low-level Allied attack on airfields.

22 Apr 45: transferred from Ludwigslust to Rerik.

25-29 Apr 45: operating from Rerik and Rostock-Marienehe, the Einsatzgruppe flew numerous missions transporting supplies to surrounded Berlin. The He 111s landed at Berlin-Gatow and then departed with a load of wounded. Supply containers were dropped over the city on 28 and 29 April after Gatow was taken by the Russians.

28 Apr 45: 4./TGr. 30, a provisional glider Staffel with 19 He 111s and possibly 25 DFS 230 gliders, was incorporated into Einsatzgruppe Uhl at Rerik this date for use in conjunction with the Berlin air supply effort, but only a few mission could be flown before the city fell to the Russians.

30 Apr 45: began transferring from Rerik to Grossenbrode as the Russians approached. On both 30 April and 1 May the Einsatzgruppe flew a large number of refugees from Rerik to Grossenbrode and then to airfields in Schleswig-Holstein.

4 May 45: transferred from Grossenbrode to Eggebeck near Schleswig where the Gruppe surrendered to the British 3 days later with 231 officers and men and 17 He 111s still on strength.

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Maj. Fritz Uhl (DKG) (Apr 45 - 7 May 45)

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