Einsatzkampf Gruppe Ju88/Gen.d.Fl.Ausb.

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April-May 1943 - Formed in Germany (possibly in the Cottbus area) as a provisional unit with a Gruppenstab and 1. – 3.Staffel using assets taken from the bomber training schools and initially named Einsatz-Kampfgruppe Ju 88/General d. Fliegerausbildungs.

c. 18 May to 11 Jul 1943 - Operated over Yugoslavia from , mainly from Belgrade-Zemun, Sarajevo-Butmir and Mostar-Sud. It provided bomber support for Unternehmen "Schwarz".

3 Jul 1943 - 2 Ju 88A-4s collided while taking off from Sarajevo-Butmir, 100% and 80%, Staffelkapitän Maj. Helmut Wendel + 1 KIA and 2 WIA.

Jul 1943 - after finishing anti-partisan operations in Yugoslavia it moved to Greece and flew attacks on Italian garrisons around Greece that refused to surrender following the capitulation.

13 Sep 1943 - bombed targets on Corfu.

18 Sep 1943 - sorties over the Kalino Islands.

30 Sep 1943 - based at Athens-Tatoi under the tactical control of X. Fl.Korps.

3 Oct – 22 Nov 1943 - supported operations to replace Italian troops formerly garrisoning the Greek islands and to recapture the Dodecanese Islands from the British.

9 Oct 1943 - Ju 88A-4 (K5+JL) failed to return from a flight over the Adriatic, Staffelkapitän Hptm. Helmut Schüler + 3 MIA; another Ju 88A-4 crashed into the sea south of Kos in the Dodecanese Islands/Aegean – engine failure.

10 Oct 1943 - Ju 88A-4 crashed and burned at Athens-Tatoi, 100%, Oblt. Georg Denkmann + 2 KIA and 1 WIA.

24 Oct 1943 - sorties in the Samos - Leros area.

30 Oct 43 - 2 Ju 88A-4s shot down by fighters west of Kastellorizon Is./4 km off the SE coast of Turkey in the Aegean, 8 MIA.(W.Nr 0231 K5+AB and W.Nr 3932 K5+BL.)

20 Nov 1943 - On or around this date the Gruppe was dissolved at Athens-Eleusis and its assets returned to bomber schools or reassigned to other units.


Hptm. Karl-August von der Fecht (DKG, RK) (May 1943? - 19Nov 43)


Maj. Helmut Wendel

Hptm. Helmut Schüler

Unit Code



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