Erg.Kü.Fl.St. (F)

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Ergänzungs-Küstenfliegerstaffel (F)

Formation. (Oct 44)

Formed 3 October 1944 at Copenhagen/Denmark by renaming 1. Flieger-Erg.Gr. (See).[1]

Denmark. (Oct 44 - May 45)

30 Dec 44: said to have moved from Copenhagen to Pütnitz this date, but this was either temporary or did not occur.[2]

8 Jan 45: according to some sources, officially re-designated 4./Erg.Aufkl.Gr. 1 this date, but Luftwaffe documents continued to use its former name to the end of the war and there is a lack of evidence that the renaming was actually carried out.[3]

29 Mar 45: operational elements of Erg.Kü.Fl.St.(F) at Copenhagen under Fliegerführer 6/Luftflotte 6.[4]

10 Apr 45: Erg.Kü.Fl.St.(F) at Copenhagen.[5]

8 May 45: Erg.Kü.Fl.St.(F) surrendered at Copenhagen with 18 BV 138s and possibly another that was moored at Aalborg; no mention of Stab/Fl.Erg.Gr.(See), which evidently was disbanded earlier.[6]

FpN:(L 08922)


Hptm. Hellmuth Stamm (3 Oct 44 - Jan 45?)

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