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Very little information found. It seems to have existed independently at Brieg airfield/40 km SE of Breslau in Silesia, first as Ergänzungs-Nachtaufklärungskette, then as Ergänzungs-Nachtaufklärungsstaffel, from 1941-42 to 10 May 1943 and then was renamed 4.(Nacht)/Ergänzungs-Fernaufklärungsgruppe at Brieg. Initially equipped with Do 17M, Ju 88 A-5 and Do 217 E-4 twin-engine aircraft. On 10 January 1945 it became 6.(Nacht)/Erg.Aufklärungsgeschwader 1 at Brieg. Finally, in February or early March 1945 it transferred to Kölleda and became part of Ergänzungs-Aufklärungsgruppe Kölleda. Disbanded 30 April 1945.


Oblt. Gustav Hermann (15.10.42 - 13.2.43)

Hptm. Günther Krause (11.5.43 - 30.6.43)

Hptm. Erwin Köck (Köck-Stuckimfeld?) (10.9.43 - 14.2.44)


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