Führer der Seeluftstreitkräfte

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Führer der Seeluftstreitkräfte

(FpN: L 17100)

also as: FdLuft (an abbreviation)


Gen.Lt. Hermann Bruch (Aug 40 - Apr 41)

Oberst Friedrich Schily (Apr 41 - c.Sep 42)

Formation. (Aug 40)

Formed 27 August 1940 at Jever/North Germany (ex-Stab/Führer der Luft West). Responsible for the tactical command and control of a few reconnaissance, anti-submarine aircraft and anti-shipping units based in the North Sea area, mainly Küstenfliegergruppe 506.[1]

West. (Sep 40 - Sep 42)

1 Mar 41: Stab ordered to transfer from Jever to Paris for operational subordination to Marinegruppenkommando West (Paris). At the same time, the Stab was downgraded in importance due to the few units that it commanded.[2]

8 Apr 42: Stab reassigned to Luftflotte 3 effective this date, thus ending the last vestiges of tactical control over air units by the Kriegsmarine.[3]

26 May 42: Stab transferred from Paris to Amersfoort/Holland.[4]

Jul 42: briefly reinforced to three Kampfgruppen (incl. KGr. 606 and 806) for attacks on the U.K., but by the end of August following the Dieppe landings these were taken away and returned to Luftwaffe control. After this, FdLuft had no further mission of any significance.[5]

7 Sep 42: Stab ordered disbanded this date.

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