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(DE) ( 49.30.00 N 10.57.40 E) Bayern

General: Leithorst and Fliegerhorst, 3.1 km north west of Fürth.


03 Mar 1915 – Became the site of a Bavarian army air station.

Oct 1916 – Fliegerschule 3 transferred from Lagerlechfeld to Fürth.

Aug 1917 - Bayerische Flieger-Ersatz-Abteilung 2 located at Fürth.

Summer 1918 – Military expansion of the airfield continued until this date.

Feb 1919 – A civil flying service was established at this airfield.

1921 – Under the Treaty of Versailles a number of airfield buildings had to be dismantled.

1922 – Hugo Junkers leased the existing hangar and the two normal flight halls for a repair and assembly operation, which was carried out until 1928.

01 Oct 1928 – Fürth-Atzenhof refered to the airport as Nuremberg-Fürth.

20 Aug 1933 - The newly built airport Nuremberg Marienberg opened and all significant civil traffic moved there.

1934/35 – Luftwaffe took over the airfield and a period of expansion was begun.

Dimensions: Oval shape approx 1370m x 777m (long axis East-West)

Runway: Grass

Infrastructure: Paved hanger approns and taxiways. Four aircraft hangers to northeast of landing ground. Two repair hangers – one to east and another to the south. Aircraft dispersal points to the north and southwest of the landing ground. Parts of the airfield served by a railway.

Remarks: Codename “Goldflies”. Allied Code - R28

Operational Units: JFS 4 (1939 – Mar 43); Stab and I./JG 104 (Mar 43 – Apr 45)

Station Commands: Koflug 1/XIII (Mar 1941 – Feb 1943], Koflug 11/XII (Feb 1943 – Apr 1944 under Luftgau XII and Apr 1944 – Jun 1944 under Luftgau VII)


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