Fernaufkärungsstaffel Ob.d.L.

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Fernaufkärungsstaffel Ob.d.L.

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Formation and History

Formed 1 October 1939 at Bremen-Neulanderfeld, as the Luftwaffe's first long-range maritime commerce raiding unit, by Hptm. Edgar Petersen and Obstlt. Martin Harlinghausen to meet certain long-standing demands of the German Navy. Plans called for 12 Focke-Wulf FW 200C-0 Condors, 6 of which were originally intended for delivery to Japan, modified to meet military specifications. While modification work was still underway at the factory and before formation could be completed, the Staffel was gradually incorporated into 1./KG 40 from 1 November 1939.

FpN: Fernaufkl.St. Ob.d.L. (none found)


Hptm. Edgar Petersen (10/39 - 10/39)

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