Fl.H.Kdtr. A(o) 10/I

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Prior to 1942 - known as Fl.H.Kdtr. Rahmel.

1942 - Formed around this date at Fp. Rahmel/27 km NNW of Danzig. initially as an Fl.Pl.Kdo. A.

April 1944 - then as a Fl.H.Kdtr. A(o). Under Koflug 2/I (Jesau). Remained at Rahmel.

Oct 1944 - Rahmel - renamed Fl.H.Kdtr. E(v) 219/I (FpN changed 21 Oct 44).


none assigned or known.


Oberst Rudolf Back (26 Apr 44 - 15 Oct 44)


Posting on Feldgrau.net by Lorenz on Sun Apr 15, 2007