Fl.H.Kdtr. E 61/XI

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A specially motorized Fliegerhorstkommandantur originally established at Ichel and assigned to VIII. Fliegerkorps to move forward quickly to set up airfields and services (fuel and ammo) for Stuka units.

10 May 1940 - located at Golzheim and servicing I./St.G. 2 which used Golzheim as its forward dispersal strip and it was from there that it launched its attack on the Belgian fortress at Eben-Emael and nearby Belgian reserves in the early morning hours of 10 May.

14 May 1940 - It departed Golzheim and moved forward to Anse.

16 Jul 1940 - located at Flers.


Post by Larry DeZeng IV to TOCH Jul 2009