FliegerFührer Irak

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This was Oberst der Lw. Werner Junck see Kdo. Junck

Fliegerführer Irak consisted of:

4./ZG 76 with 12 Bf110Cs led by Oberlt. Hobein

1 kette from ZG 26 with 2 Bf110s led by Lt. Wörner

4./KG 4 with 7 He 111H-6s led by Hptm. Schwanhäuser

1./K.G. z.b.v. 106 with 20 Ju 52s led by Major Pinagel

1 kette of 3 Junkers Ju 90B (Lufthansa) - W.Nr. 0003, 0005 and 0009.

1 Flak Battery 20mm guns