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Fliegerdivision Donez

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also as: Fliegerführer Donez


Gen.Lt. Alfred Mahncke (2 Jan 43 - 31 Mar 43)

Formation. (Dec 42)

Formed at the beginning of December 1942 at Morosovskaya {and later at Tatsinskaya) airfield on the Stalingrad Front as a provisional Stab to provide tactical air support for Army Detachment (Armeeabteilung) Hollidt and Army Detachment Fretter- Pico, which were fighting their way westward between the Don and Donets Rivers. The Stab initially subordinated the close support units of VIII. Fliegerkorps, elements of a Flak division and some provisional Luftwaffe units that were hurriedly thrown into the battle as infantry (Gefechtsverband Carganico).[1]

South Russia. (Dec 42 - Mar 43)

Jan 43: Stab at Rovenki/55 km S of Voroshilovgrad in the Donets Basin between the Mius and Donets Rivers under VIII. Fliegerkorps and later under IV. Fliegerkorps.[2]

20 Feb 43: Stab ordered to transfer from Gorlovka to Stalino.[3]

22 Mar 43: Stab transferred to a village near Makeyevka/12 km E of Stalino. Stab believed to have been disbanded a few days later.[4]

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