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(FpN: none assigned)


Gen.Maj. Friedrich Leesemann (Apr 44 - May 45)

Formation and History. (Apr 44 - May 45)

Formed April 1944 (1 July 1944?), probably at Braunschweig. On 1 July 1944 it was assigned to Luftflotte 10 with effect from that date. Exercised control over all Air Force Replacement Battalions (Flieger-Ers.Btle.), the Field Workshops Replacement Detachment (Feldwerft-Ers.Abt.), Combat Aircrew Collection and Processing Group Quedlinburg (Frontfliegersammelgruppe Quedlinburg), and the Runway Construction Replacement Detachment (Startbahnbau-Ers.Abt.) with the Rapid Construction Replacement Company (Schnellbau-Ers.Kp.).[1]

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