Fliegerführer 1 (Tunisia)

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Fliegerführer 1 (Tunisia)

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also as:Fliegerführer Mitte (Tunisia)


Oberst Walter Hagen (?) (Jan 43 - Mar 43)

Formation. (Dec 42)

Formed around second half of December 1942 or early January 1943 to command air operations over central Tunisia in the Kairouan-Sfax sector under Führer der Luftstreitkräfte Tunis, and then Fliegerkorps Tunis. All references to this Stab are to Fliegerführer Mitte. The designation Fliegerführer 1 has been assigned by process of elimination based on the fact that a Fliegerführer 1, 2 and 3 existed in Tunisia, but only Fliegerführer 1 requires confirmation from original source documents.[1]

Central Tunisia. (Dec 42 - Mar 43)

Feb 43: Stab at La Fauconnerie.

Mar 43: Stab believed disbanded in mid-March, as Fliegerführer 3 moved from Gabes to La Fauconnerie and took over in that sector.

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