Fliegerführer 200

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Fliegerführer 200

(FpN: none assigned)


Obstlt. Werner Baumbach (6 Mar 45 - c.20 Apr 45)

Formation and History. (Mar 45 - Apr 45)

Ordered formed 6 March 1945 at Berlin-Gatow using personnel and other assets from Geschwaderstab/KG 200. Co-located with Geschw.Stab/KG 200, but an entirely separate entity with its own personnel and staff. Responsible for the planning, target selection, attack plans, orders and instructions for crews and all technical matters in conjunction with the destruction of the Oder bridges (Operation “Eisenhammer”) and the prevention of new bridge construction over the Oder River. The unit that carried out these attacks was Gefechtsverband “Helbig”. On 11 April the Stab departed Berlin-Gatow for Ober-Warngau/37 km SSE of Munich and, no longer with a mission, was ordered disbanded around 25 April 1945. Around 5 May it was reportedly in the Aalborg area in northern Denmark under Maj. Hans Dochtermann, but it is not known if this was the entire Stab or just a few individuals. It appears to have divided into two components at the end of April, with one remaining in South Germany and the other going north to Denmark.[1]

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