Fliegerführer 2 (Luftflotte 2)

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Fliegerführer 2 (Luftflotte 2)

(FpNs: L 49942 and L 52230)


Oberst Hubertus Hitschhold (26 Jun 43 - 11 Nov 43)

Formation. (Jun 43)

Formed o/a 30 June 1943 at Bolotana/8 km NW of Ottana on the island of Sardinia by renaming Stab/Fliegerführer Sardinien and supplemented with personnel from Fliegerführer 2 (Fliegerführer Tunis) who had been evacuated from Tunisia to Sardinia on 15 April 1943. The Stab was responsible for the tactical command of all air units on Sardinia to September 1943, and then in South Italy until around March 1944.[1]

Sardinia and South Italy. (Jun 43 - Feb 44)

Jun – Sep 43: Stab remained at Bolotana until September, and then withdrew to Italy following the German decision to give up Sardinia. The Stab is thought to have eventually set up its headquarters in the Rome area.[2]

4 Jul 43: a Fi 156 assigned to the Stab suffered damage to its fuselage and undercarriage in an accident south of Bolotana, 60%.[3]

21 Nov 43: a Fi 156 from Flugbereitschaft Fliegerführer 2 struck an obstacle north of Rome, 80%.

Feb 44: Stab at Viterbo/90 km NNW of Rome.[4]

o/a 4 Feb 44: Stab reportedly disbanded and its assets incorporated into Gen.Kdo. Luftwaffen-Nahkampfkorps Süd, which was formed on this date. However, there is some evidence that the Stab may have retained its separate identity until May 1944.[5]

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