Fliegerführer Albanien

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Fliegerführer Albanien

(FpN: L 52427)


Oberst Walter Hagen (Sep 43 - 13 Jun 44)

Oberst Paul Weitkus (14 Jun 44 - 29 Aug 44)

Formation. (Sep 43)

Formed September 1943 in Tirana/Albania to provide tactical air support to XXI. Gebirgs-Korps (XXI Mountain Corps) in Albania and Montenegro, and to carry out tactical reconnaissance in the same area and along the east coast of Italy.[1]

Albania and Montenegro. (Sep 43 - Aug 44)

Sep 43 – Aug 44: Stab remained in Tirana. After December 1943, this command had very few assigned units and aircraft, and did very little due to the rapid buildup of Allied air power in Italy. Beginning in October 1943, German airfields in Albania and Montenegro were immediately attacked by Allied fighters and fighter-bombers at the sign of the slightest activity, forcing the Luftwaffe to use these airfields for in-and-out staging purposes only. On 24 Nov 43, the Stab reported a personnel strength of 15 officers, 17 NCOs and 42 men. The Stab was ordered disbanded on 29 August 1944, and this was carried out over the next several weeks.

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