Fliegerführer Berlin

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Fliegerführer Berlin

(FpN: none assigned)


Gen.Lt. Gottlob Müller (1 Nov 43 - 28 Apr 45)

Formation and History. (Nov 43 - Apr 45)

Little is known about this Stab - according to entries in the personnel records of Gen.Lt. Müller, it may have been established on or about 1 November 1943 after Jagdfliegerführer Berlin-Mitteldeutschland was disbanded. Yet, there is no record of it having been assigned any units or having filed any after-action reports. Further, it does not appear to have been added to any distribution lists. The first concrete reference to Fliegerführer Berlin is dated 2 February 1945 when Gen.Lt. Müller, Fliegerführer Berlin, was appointed Verbindungsoffizier der Luftwaffe to the Commander-in-Chief of Defense District Berlin (Befehlshaber des Verteidigungsbereiches Berlin), which was established this date immediately after and in response to the consolidation of the Soviet bridgehead on the west bank of the Oder River. It appears that Müller, in his capacity as Fliegerführer Berlin, may have coordinated and directed the air evacuation of the capital and the ferrying in of reinforcements and supplies that began on 17 April 1945, as the Red Army launched a powerful offensive to surround and take Berlin. Müller, as Fliegerführer Berlin, was killed in action during the defense of Berlin-Gatow airfield on 27 April 1945 as Soviet tanks and infantry attempted to take it.[1]

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