Fliegerführer Irak

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Fliegerführer Irak

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also as:Sonderkommando Junck


Oberst Werner Junck (6 May 41 - c.31 May 41)

Formation. (May 41)

Formed 6 May 1941 at Athens/Greece as a special command for the Luftwaffe expedition sent to Iraq to support an anti-British revolt that had, at least in part, been fomented by the German Sicherheitsdienst. The story of Sonderkommando Junck makes for some interesting and even exciting reading, and those who are functional in German are encouraged to pursue it further in the sources cited in the footnote.[1]

Iraq. (May 41)

13-14 May 41: assigned units (4./KG 4, 4./ZG 76 and minor elements of several others) began moving from Athens to Mosul in northern Iraq.

31 May 41: after losing 21 aircraft to enemy action and a lack of spare parts, the Stab and surviving elements withdrew to Greece, where the ill-fated mission was disbanded over the next several days.

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