Fliegerführer Ost

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Fliegerführer Ost

(FpN: none assigned)


Obstlt. Axel von Blessingh (c.5 Aug 40 - Mar 41)

Formation and History. (Aug 40 - Mar 41)

Formed 5 August 1940 at Aalborg/North Denmark (ex-Stab/Führer der Luft Ost). Responsible for air operations over the Baltic, especially by elements of the Küstenfliegergruppen, under Führer der Luft West.   Ordered disbanded on 11 February 1941 and ceased to exist by 1 April 1941. The personnel of the Stab were either used to form Stab/Küstenfliegergruppe 906 or incorporated into it.[1]

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