Fliegerführer Sardinien

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Fliegerführer Sardinien

(FpN: L 52230?)

also as:Nahkampfführer Sardinien


Oberst Wolfgang von Wild (9 Dec 42 - 19 Jun 43)

Oberst Hubertus Hitschhold (19 Jun 43 - 30 Jun 43)

Formation. (Dec 42)

Ordered formed o/a 9 December 1942 (the date of Oberst v. Wild’s appointment), but did not become operational until 29 January 1943 with Stab initially at Elmas/Sardinia. Gefechtsverband Kleyenstüber was the forerunner of Fliegerführer Sardinien and may have provided most of its staff. A few weeks after setting up, the Stab moved to Bolotana/8 km NW of Ottana airfield. Responsible for providing tactical air support to the rapid buildup of German forces on the island, which they and their Italian allies intended to turn into a “fortress” following the Allied landings in Morocco and Algeria on 8 November 1942. In spring 1943, Sardinia became a giant aircraft carrier for air units supporting the ground fighting in Tunisia and flying attacks on Allied shipping in the western Mediterranean. Allied raids on Sardinian airfields occurred almost daily. It was subordinated to Luftflotte 2.[1]

Sardinia. (Dec 42 - Jun 43)

Jan – Jun 43: Stab remained at Bolotana, although it may have moved on 21 May to Sanluri/40 km NW of Cagliari for a week or two, and then returned to Bolotana.[2]

23 Jun 43: a He 111 assigned to the Stab was moderately damaged in either a landing or take-off accident on Corsica.[3]

c.30 Jun 43: Bolotana - Stab renamed Stab/Fliegerführer 2.[4]

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