Fliegerführer Sizilien (2nd Formation)

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Fliegerführer Sizilien [2d Formation]

(FpN: none)


Gen.Lt. Alfred Mahncke (May 43 - Jul 43)

Formation and History. (Apr 43 - Jul 43)

Ordered formed in April 1943 (7 April?) on Sicily in response to increased Allied air attacks on the island as the Tunisian campaign drew to a conclusion. Responsible for tactical air operations (except for fighters) on and around the island as the Axis forces prepared to defend it from an expected Allied invasion. The Fliegerführer (Gen.Lt. Mahncke) at the same time held the position of General z.b.V./Luftflotte 2, which illustrates the provisional nature of this Stab or command. Only occasional mention of Fliegerführer Sizilien has been found in the surviving records. On 10 May one man from the Stab was reported killed in an Allied bombing raid at Trapani/Sicily. On 10 July, the Stab’s location was given as Paradiso dell Etna. Three weeks later, on 30 July, it was ordered disbanded.[1]

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