Fliegerführer Stavanger

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Fliegerführer Stavanger

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Oberst Robert Fuchs (Apr 40 - May 40)

Maj.i.G. Martin Harlinghausen (May 40? - Dec 40?)

Formation and History. (Apr 40 - Jan 41)

Formed o/a 24 April 1940 at Stavanger-Sola in southwest Norway to control air operations in that area and over the North Sea, including attacks on convoys and ports along the east coast of England and Scotland, or at least escort for the attacking forces as far as the limited range of fighters allowed, and reconnaissance missions in the same area. In June 1940, a separate listing for the Stab ended, and it appears to have become part of the operations branch of Gen.Kdo. X. Fliegerkorps. The Stab was disbanded in December 1940 - X. Fliegerkorps, of which Harlinghausen was chief of staff, departed for Sicily. Any personnel remaining may have been incorporated into Stab/Fliegerführer Nord, which began forming at Stavanger at this time.[1]

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