Fliegerführer West

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Fliegerführer West

(FpN: L 63200)

also as:Schlachtfliegerführer West


(Gen.Lt. Alfred Bülowius)? (Apr 44 - Jun 44))?

Formation. (Apr 44)

Formed first half of April 1944 (FpN first entered 18 Apr 1944), with Stab possibly at Compiegne. Another source (M.Holm) states that it was formed in December 1943 at Parigné-le-Pôlin/13 km SSW of Le Mans airfield. Responsible for the control of ground attack units in the event of an Allied invasion of France. Subordinated to II. Fliegerkorps. It has not been possible to identify the Fliegerführer from the surviving documents, but Gen.Lt. Bülowius, Kommandierender General II. Fliegerkorps, is a strong possibility as a concurrent appointment. It was not at all unusual for senior commanders to wear more than one hat, so to speak, at the same time.[1]

North France. (Apr 44 - Jun 44)

2 May 44: Stab transferred to Savigné l’Évêque/16.5 km NNE of Le Mans airfield.

31 May 44: Stab at Savigné l’Évêque.[2]

26 Jun 44: Stab now at Chartres and still under II. Fliegerkorps - subordinated III./SG 4 and NAGr. 13. This Stab does not appear to have played much of a role in the Luftwaffe’s response to the invasion of Normandy on 6 June 1944. Almost no role was found for II. Fliegerkorps either, as it was ordered disbanded on 28 June, although this was later cancelled and the Gen.Kdo. was transferred to the Balkans.[3]

2 Jul 44: Stab/Fliegerführer West ordered disbanded this date or on 22 July, and all of its rather limited responsibilities taken over by II. Jagdkorps at Chantilly.[4]

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