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(FpN: none assigned)


Oberst Oskar Dinort (1 Sep 43 - Aug 44)

Formation and History. (Sep 43 - Apr 45?)

Formed 1 September 1943 to consolidate and command all Luftdienst (LD) units engaged in target-towing for the forces of the Flakartillerie. Place of formation is unknown, but the absence of an assigned Feldpost number suggests that it was formed in Germany and remained there. It had its own Lehrkommando, and this reported an Fw 44 accident at Pisek/Czech. on 4 June 1944 and a Ju 86 E-5 accident at Calbe near Magdeburg on 6 June. On 1 July 1944 the Divisionsstab was located at Wenigenlupnitz near Gotha and was subordinated to Luftflotte 10 effective this date. It was still at Wenigenlupnitz in February 1945 but its whereabouts after that date has not been determined.[1]

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