Gen.Kdo. Fliegerkorps XI

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Gen.Kdo. Fliegerkorps XI

(FpNs: L 22679)

Kommandierender General:

Gen.Oberst Kurt Student (19 Dec 40 - 1 Mar 44)

Probable Subordination:

Ob.d.L.(Jan 41 - Feb 44)

Subordinate Units:

Ln.-Abt. 41 (Jan 41 - Jan 44)

Formation. (Jan 41)

Formed 1 January 1941 at Berlin-Tempelhof, primarily as a replacement and training command for Germany's airborne forces. Origins stem from a provisional Air-Landing Corps (Luftlandekorps) set up in summer 1940 to oversee the expansion of the parachute forces and to exercise control over 7. Fliegerdivision and 22. Infanterie- Div. (components of which were trained for air-landing operations). In addition to the formation, training and replacement of units, Stab also responsible for planning airborne operations, tactical evaluation and the development of weapons and equipment.[1]

Germany, Greece and France. (May 41 - Feb 44)

May 41: Stab transferred from Berlin to Athens/Greece at the beginning of May to take command of the forthcoming airborne assault on Crete under Luftflotte 4.

20-31 May 41: Operation "Merkur" (Mercury) with 7. Fliegerdivision and 5. Gebirgsdivision (5th Mountain Div.) - heavy losses suffered by the airborne troops, but the island was secured. Stab returned to Berlin on conclusion of the operation.

1942: Stab or elements of the Stab reportedly moved to Brittany in France, probably not until the summer or autumn.

Nov 42: Stab transferred from Brittany to Nîmes/S France during the second half of November following the Allied landings in Morocco and Algeria. Assigned to OKW reserve and responsible for the formation of 2. Fallschirmjägerdivision (2d Parachute Div.) and corps troops.

Dec 42: directly assigned air units: LLG 1 and LLG 2, G.S.Kdos. 1 and 2, Erg.Gruppen (S) 1 and 2, and Parachute Schools (Fallschirmschulen) I, II and III.

11-27 Jul 43: Stab still at Nîmes - commanded the large-scale movement of 1st Para. Div. to Sicily following the Allied invasion of the island on 10 July, and 2d Para Div. to Italy.

9 Sep 43: Stab moved to Practica di Mare airfield near Rome to command the securing of the city by airborne units on the day of Italy's capitulation, and the rescue of Mussolini by glider infantry on 12 September.

Oct 43: Stab returned to South France and then moved to Gardelegen/Germany, where it was located in November. Sometime later, it transferred to Nancy/France.

1 Mar 44: renamed Stab/1. Fallschirm-Armee (lst Parachute Army) on or about this date.

Fliegerführer XI. Fliegerkorps

See under Fliegerführer listings.

Stab/Nachschubabteilung Fliegerkorps XI

(FpN: L 24767)

The staff of a special supply detachment attached to XI. Fliegerkorps that had its own Feldpost number. No details.

Flugbereitschaft Gen.Kdo. Fliegerkorps XI

Formation, History and Losses. (Jan 41? - Feb 44)

Date of formation and disbandment unknown. Variously designated in official documents at different times as Führungskette XI. Fliegerkorps, Stabskette/XI. Fliegerkorps and Flugbereitschaft/XI. Fliegerkorps.[2]

20 Nov 41: Ju 52 crashed at Fp. Freiburg due to pilot error, 40%.

10 Aug 43: the rear administrative and supply sections of the Stab at Berlin-Gatow reported 1 Fi 156 and 1 Go 242 on strength.

24 Aug 43: W 34 bombed on the ground at Berlin-Tempelhof, 100%.

18 Sep 43: LeO 451 crash landed at Fp. Marseille-Marignane, 10%.

16 Nov 43: He 111 H-11 bombed on the ground at Fp. Istres, 70%.

[This Flugbereitschaft continued in service into 1944, but details have not been found.]

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