Gen.Kdo. Fliegerkorps XIII

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Gen.Kdo. Fliegerkorps XIII

(FpNs: L 33525)

Kommandierender General:

Gen.Lt. Eugen Meindl (1 Oct 42 - c. 1 Dec 43)

Probable Subordination:

Ob.d.L.(Oct 42 - Nov 43)

Subordinate Units:

Lw.-Feldeinheiten (Luftwaffe field divisions/units)

Formation and History. (Oct 42 - Nov 43)

Formed on or about 1 October 1942 in Berlin from elements of Stab/Luftwaffendivision Meindl (ex-Luftlande-Sturm-Rgt. 1). In November 1942, re-designated Stab/Luftwaffen-Feldkorps I and sent to North Russia as a higher field headquarters to control Luftwaffendivision Meindl and other Luftwaffe ground combat units in that area, but shortly after arriving the decision was made to bring it back to Berlin, reinstate the former designation, Gen.Kdo. Fliegerkorps XIII, and assign to it the responsibility for overseeing the formation and training of the 20+ Luftwaffe field divisions (Lw.Felddivisionen) then being planned. A KTB/OKW entry for 23 July 1943 states that the Gefechtsstand (operations echelon)/XIII. Fliegerkorps was in transfer to Valence in SE France. Renamed Gen.Kdo. II. Fallschirmkorps o/a 1 December 1943.[1]

Luftlande-Lehrabteilung Fliegerkorps XIII

Air-Landing Demonstration Detachment/XIII. Fliegerkorps formed in 1943 with a Stab and an unspecified number of units and then disbanded in spring 1944 (Feldpost number deleted 18 May 44). No additional information has been found.

Flugbereitschaft Gen.Kdo. Fliegerkorps XIII

Formation, History and Losses. (Oct 42? - Nov 43)

Exact date of formation unknown. Assigned a separate Feldpost number (L 49375). Renamed Flugbereitschaft II. Fallschirmkorps on or about 1 Dec 43. No further information found. .[2]

6 Mar 43: Fi 156 crashed north of Wolthausen/Germany, 85%, 2 injured.

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