Gen.Kdo. Luftwaffen-Nahkampfkorps Süd

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Gen.Kdo. Luftwaffen-Nahkampfkorps Süd

(FpNs: none found)

Kommandierender General:

Gen.d.Flieger Maximilian Ritter von Pohl (4 Feb 44 - c. 6 Sep 44)

Probable Subordination:

Luftflotte 2(4 Feb 44 - c. 6 Sep 44)

Subordinate Units:

(not determined)

Formation and History. (Feb 44 - Sep 44)

Formed 4 February 1944 as a consolidated headquarters and staff from the former General der Flakartillerie Süd, Fliegerführer/Luftflotte 2 and Nahkampfführer/Luftflotte 2. Commanded air and Flak forces in South Italy, particularly against the Anzio beachhead area. Evidence suggests that this was essentially either the same Stab as the Stab of Kommandierender General der deutschen Luftwaffe in Mittelitalien or a concurrent command position for Gen.d.Flieger von Pohl. The date of existence and geographical location are identical. Since no separate FpN has been found for this Stab, it evidently used the same FpN as Komm.Gen.d.dt.Lw. in Mittelitalien or that of one of its three predecessors, possibly General der Flakartillerie Süd. Disbanded on or about 6 September 1944 following the Allied breakout from Anzio and drive toward Rome.[1]

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