General der Luftwaffe Kanalinseln

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General der Luftwaffe Kanalinseln

(FpN: L 45889)

Kommandierender General:

Gen.Maj. Alexander Dini (c. 1 Oct 43 - 8 May 45))

Formation and History. (Oct 43 - May 45)

Formed o/a 1 October 1943 on Guernsey/Channel Islands (ex-Stab/Flak-Brigade 11). Responsible for all Luftwaffe forces and activities in the Channel Islands off the coast of France. Stab remained on Guernsey into the summer of 1944 and possibly with remnants there until the end of the war. Surrounded and cut off-following the Allied breakout from Normandy, the command held out until May 1945.[1]

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