General der Luftwaffe beim Oberbefehlshaber der Kriegsmarine (L.In. 8)

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General der Luftwaffe beim Oberbefehlshaber der Kriegsmarine (L.In. 8)

(General of the Air Force Attached to the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy) (AF Inspectorate 8))

(FpN: L 19289)


Gen.d.Flieger Hans Ritter (1 Feb 39 - 19 Sep 44)

Gen.Lt. Hans-Armin Czech (1 Mar 44 - 4 May 45)


Established 1 February 1939 in Berlin and subordinated directly under Reichsmarschall Göring.[1]

Sep 41: Stab now at Kiel.

29 Aug 44: Stab downsized and reorganized as General des Seewesens der Luftwaffe (General of Maritime Affairs of the Air Force) and assigned under Generalstab d.Lw. together with a subordinate Inspizient des See- und Seenotdienstes d.Lw. (Inspector of Sea and Air-Sea Rescue Services of the Air Force). The Stab, as reorganized, was not responsible any longer for the Seeaufklärungsstaffeln

(maritime reconnaissance squadrons), which were reassigned to the Inspizient See/General der Aufklärungsflieger.

Nov 44: the Stab had a total of 37 assigned personnel - responsible for the Seenotdienst (Air-Sea Rescue Service) and the various ships assigned to the Luftwaffe for sea rescue, fighter control, seaplane catapult and other duties.

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