General der Truppentechnik

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General der Truppentechnik

(General of Technical Engineering)


Gen.Maj. Johann Raithel (2 Jul 43 - 14 Jun 44)

Generalingenieur Artur Paul (1 Sep 44 - 9 May 45)


Established 17 May 1943 under Generalinspekteur d.Lw. by consolidating a number of departments, branches and inspectorates. Responsible for most technical matters regarding aircraft maintenance and the inspection of all aircraft maintenance units (i.e., Flughafenbetriebskompanien, Feldwerftverbände, etc.).[1]

29 Jul 44: renamed Chef Ingenieur der Luftwaffe (Chief Engineer of the Air Force) with a subordinate Inspekteur für fliegertechnischen Truppendienst (Inspector for Air Force Technical Services), and at the same time incorporated many of the former responsibilities of the disbanded Generalluftzeugmeister.[2]

Nov 44: had 24 officer engineers and 22 others assigned.[3]

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